Month: July 2016

Moving out Was Easy and Hard

I can’t tell you how badly I have wanted a place of my own. I guess I could explain that I grew up in a small home with eight other siblings, two parents and two grandparents. Daily life in that home was cramped to say the least. So, as soon as I got the okay from my parents at the age of 18, I decided to look for apartments in Hattiesburg so that I could try to live on my own. My parents were sad about it, but they both understood my feelings well. Even some of my siblings felt the same way.

Despite the fact that living with so many people in such a small place was hectic and got on my nerves many times, we are all a very close family. I would never want to move out of state. I promised my mom that I would stay in the same city where the rest of my family is, and I meant it, too. I don’t want to be far away from them. I would be fine living next door to them, just as long as it meant having some peace and quiet and a quiet room of my own.

Once I found a place, I found myself missing my family a lot. Funny how that works! I missed waking up in the morning and smelling the scent of breakfast. My mom cooked every morning except weekends. I missed the sound of my younger siblings laughter as they played outside daily. I missed getting to see important moments like my youngest sister’s first steps and the first time she said my mom’s name. So, I made sure to visit often, and I also asked my family to come over to my new place often, too. I love the place I live, though.

Looking Passed So-Called Disabilities to the Real Abilities of Potential Employees

We had never hired a person with disabilities to the extent they needed a wheelchair or other adaptive equipment to do their jobs. It was not an intent of us to not hire those with disabilities, it was just that no one had ever applied. Recently, for an opening, a bright young woman who uses a wheelchair applied for the job. I thought she was perfect for the job, but I did not know if our office environment would be okay for her. Sure, we had met the standard handicap regulatory requirements, but I searched a helpline online for advice to make sure we were really up to standards. The young woman who applied for the job told me about the employer helpline.

She told me outright that she would adapt to things as best that she could, and asked me if I was willing to fix anything that was really a mess as far as accommodating any specialized needs. She even said that even though she is willing to tough out things that are not up to standard, that the business should really look into the helpline online to make sure we are compliant, because not every person would be so kind. She told me about a few people she knows with disabilities who are quite vocal and forceful in inducing companies to get with the program.

I hired her on the spot. You had to be in the interview with me to understand. I personally saw to fixing some things that were not quite up to our responsibility as an employer when it comes to hiring people with disabilities. And, no, it did not cost a lot of money. What we did spend made us a better company. All of the other employees really like our new hire. She brings an energy and enthusiasm that drives others without disabilities to do their best on a daily basis. I would recommend companies actively seek , instead of passively accept, hiring employees that have some disabilities. You may find that the so-called disabilities are nothing compared to the abilities they have.

Looking for the Right One

A couple of my friends wanted me to try a new dating website, but I wasn’t too keen on the idea. The whole idea of meeting people online didn’t seem like a great idea, as you could meet anyone who could possibly turn out to be completely crazy, or worse. My friends told me that the same thing could happen in real life, and that at least online I could look at a lot of people at once to find one that would be a match. I used my login to create an account on the website and started looking at some of the other people who signed up.

There were a lot of people on the website that I didn’t want to date. Some of them were physically unappealing, while others had bad personality traits. There was one guy who didn’t even have a job and was living at home with his parents in his mid 30s. One man look attractive, but he smoked, and only wanted to date someone else who smoked. I wasn’t about to start smoking just for him, so I passed on him. While I thought I was being picky, some of the other people on there were just as picky.

Finally I found a guy who was a normal person. He had a steady job, a college education, lived in his own home, and didn’t smoke. I contacted him, hoping that he would respond to me. A few days went by, and I didn’t hear anything from him. I was worried that he looked at my account and decided that I wasn’t worth his time. I went back to looking at the other accounts and only found more people that I didn’t want to date. Then I received a message from the man asking for a date.