How Hard is It to Run a Web Store?

Of course the big problem with my plan is that I would like to make a good bit of money off of an e commerce site, but I would not really want to make a full time commitment to the effort. In fact I want to be able to continue to work my full time job, at least until this becomes something that is successful enough to merit more attention. The first thing to know is what to sell. All sorts of markets are already saturated. For example adult videos and sex toys would have been a great thing to have gotten into twenty years ago. That is something that is perfect for selling on the internet for a multitude of reasons. The first one is that you can turn a good profit on that sort of stuff and people would vastly prefer to acquire this sort of thing without having to walk into a sleazy video store in a bad part of town. In my home town they have all sorts of rules that are supposed to make sure that those sorts of places are not allowed to go any place nice.

In fact there are a million things you could try that would fit my parameters, but obviously someone else has already done most of them. The type of thing I am thinking about would need to be small and light, so that it would not require a full sized warehouse to store the inventory. For example seeds are sold in little envelopes, or at least most of them are. Grass seed is sold in fifty pound bags, but that would make it too heavy. Anything like that would add so much to the shipping cost as to make it impractical. You need something that could be handled by a child.

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