My Son Loves Airplane Games

My son is only 12 years old but he already has such a fascination with airplanes. We took our first flight when he was nine years old and he has loved everything about airplanes ever since. I don’t have the time nor money to take a lot of flights, so it is usually limited to once a year now to visit my parents in Florida. I went online to see if I could find a flight game for the computer that he would enjoy, and I found a website that has a lot of free airplane games for people of all ages to play on their computers or other electronic devices.

When I showed him the different games, he got so excited. There were games for both airplanes and helicopters, so this opened up a whole new avenue of fun for him. There were flight simulation games, time management games, games where he can practice taking off and landing airplanes and so much more. I thought that he would play a few games and then develop other interests, but this site has actually increased his passion for anything to do with flying.

He and his father will spend a few minutes playing each other in the morning before school, and then they will play again when my husband gets home from work. I thought that this was going to be just about playing games, but it is actually helping my son in other areas of his life too. He is learning to be more responsible so he can fit in his gaming time along with all of his other responsibilities such as chores and homework, but the best thing is how much fun he is having. These games keep him sharp and focused, and he has so much fun with his father with them!

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