Paying for Single Channels or Shows

time warner cable digital tv time warner cable inc is the second ...As a current customer of Time Warner Cable, I can’t say that I have very many complaints. Last year they bought out the previous cable company that had been here for at least a decade but the transition has been smooth overall with only a few hiccups here and there. They are definitely more expensive than I expected but I can’t complain too much, it’s not like I have any other kind of option in the area for me to choose! My real complaint for them is that they don’t seem to be doing any development with their actual cable television services.

I stick with them because I enjoy the premium channels that they have but I really only enjoy a couple of the channels themselves despite having to pay for the entire package or bundle. If only they were able to actually offer content in the way that Netflix does or my PSN does – I can buy a whole season pass for, say, The Walking Dead without having to actually have AMC. This way I get to watch my show, they get money ($4 a season, a great deal if you ask me) which is in High Definition.

This is the kind of model I think that every cable company needs to be able to provide. Not everyone can afford something entire premium cable packages on their own. It’s actually become rather expensive over the years so if I could watch what I want to watch, even if it is just a show or a single channel, I would love to be able to pay just for that and would be far more willing to pay for more content than being forced into it. It would do a lot for the morale of people like myself who feel kind of trapped by subscription fees.

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