This Piece of Paradise is My Home

I wasn’t sure what kind of property I was looking for. I just knew that when a realtor in Denver showed me the right one, that I would instantly know it was the one for me. I was able to connect with a realtor who has a good track record of finding the perfect home for people. I thought I would be a challenge to him, but apparently I wasn’t. He asked me some questions to gauge what I was looking for, and my answers must have satisfied him because he told me there were a few properties that he felt were exactly what I was looking for.

He showed me the first one via email. I saw a few pictures of the exterior of the house first, and I knew if the inside looked just as nice, I would not be looking at any of the other houses. The house was just a little over 20 years old, and it is on a 1.3 acre lot. There are five bedrooms and five bathrooms. There are several sitting rooms, an office, a kitchen and dining room, a billiards room, and so much more.

Outside, there is a fantastic area on the patio where we can eat or visit. There is also a patio kitchen that comes equipped with everything it needs. There is a garage that will hold three cars, a huge yard, a waterfall and ponds, a gazebo, and so many flowers that it looks too beautiful for words to be able to describe it. The best part is the price. I would have thought that it would cost more than what the price was, which is why I made an offer on it immediately. It is nice to call this paradise home, and I know I will never live anywhere else.

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