We Are Looking Forward to Install Day with Great Anticipation

When I moved my family out to a rural section of the state, I did it so that we could lead a more peaceful life. And we all agree that it has been, and we would not change it for anything in the world. But it sure turned out to be a surprise to learn that dial-up Internet is the fastest speed we could purchase to get online with. It has been that way for years here. But I have just learned that we may be able to get Hughesnet Internet out here, and I sure am hoping that is not just a rumor.

Before we decided to move, we discussed everything in detail to make sure that everyone in the family knew what to expect about what would be different about country living. Everyone was in agreement that everything sounded fine. We never thought to look into Internet access, though. So, when we discussed that we would be able to get online access to do mail-order shopping, watch movies and other things like that, we did not realize those things would actually be a struggle due to lack of higher speed out this way. We found ourselves hoping that would change one day, the sooner the better.

The same day that I heard about the possibility of better speeds, I called the company in question. They said that they have been doing the work in our area for a few weeks to get people up and running. They did a quick check on my address to see if my neighborhood was in their territory, and we found out that we are. There are so many people rushing to get the service, it will take two weeks for them to come to our place to get us set up and running. Because of that, they are giving us a discount of 50% for our first month, so we accepted that offer and are now waiting for them to come out.

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